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Tiny Tranquility FAQ



When did the park open?

Tiny Tranquility first opened for business in late June, 2018.


Where is the park located?

The park is located at 4399 SW Eriksen Ave in Waldport, Oregon and is situated approximately 2 miles south of downtown Waldport, 5 miles North of downtown Yachats and 17 miles South of Newport.


How can I find out more about the park?

We now have a Facebook page found here: Tiny Tranquility – Tiny House & Vintage Trailer Park – Home | Facebook.   You can “like” or “follow” the park on Facebook so that you can get real time updates on the park development, information about our tiny homes and vintage trailers as they are completed and for other park information. We also welcome your questions at tinytranquilitypark@gmail.com.


Who can stay in the Park?

Tiny Tranquility park provides both longer term site rentals to people who own their own tiny home or vintage trailers and nightly vacation rentals of park managed tiny homes and vintage trailers. If you are interested in either long term site rentals or nightly vacation rentals we’ve provided additional information below.


What are the main amenities in the Park and what is there to do?

Worried about feeling overly confined in your tiny home or vintage trailer and wanting a little more space? Tiny Tranquility provides ample opportunities for you to stretch your legs, hang out with your friends and neighbors, tend to your own garden or simply take in an awesome ocean view with a (larger) roof over your head. To this end, we expect to have the following park amenities available to you either at or shortly after the park opens for business:

~A large (2,400 sq. ft) game and entertainment room with a flat screen TV, multiple seating areas, a wood stove, ping pong and pool tables. We also have a free laundry facility available for guests and residents in the lodge

~Behind the game and entertainment space, we’ll provide a covered eating and grilling area, a fire pit area and a wood burning fireplace.

~In a different building in the park, we’ll get above the roofline of our neighbors to the West and provide some sweeping views of the ocean in a large second floor great room. The first floor of this building will house an ADA bathroom. We expect this building to be completed in Spring, 2019.

~Our pet friendly park has an enclosed dog park.

~The grassy southernmost acre of the park – which “stares” at a large, dinosaur-like Osprey nest – will provide a great opportunity for outdoor activities, picnicking, kicking the soccer ball around or browning up your marshmallows at one of several outdoor fire pits (coming soon).

~Our large 12,000 sq/ft greenhouse will house TT’s own produce garden and a local microgreens business, with fresh vegetables and micro-greens available to park users. This space will also serve as your own personal nursery or storage space if you’re staying at the park longer term.



What is there to do around the park?

We could literally spend a couple of pages writing about all the great destinations within close driving distance to the park! We’ve listed a few of our favorite outdoor activity spots below, but recommend that you check out TripAdvisor for the best things to do in Yachats, Waldport and Newport and also check their respective chamber of commerce websites for destinations, restaurants, shopping and events in and around these towns. There’s also a good article from the Oregonian titled “20 reasons to love Yachats” found here: http://www.oregonlive.com/travel/index.ssf/2016/07/20_reasons_to_love_yachats_the.html

South of the Park

Activities (with distance from park in miles)

  • Yachats State Park – Hiking, Thor’s Well, spouting horns (6.0)
  • Yachats River – Hiking, biking, fishing, small boats (6.0)
  • Amanda’s Trail – Hiking (6.5)
  • Devil’s Churn – Sightseeing, wave watching (8.6)
  • Cape Perpetua – Hiking, whale watching, wave watching, tide pools (8.8/9.0)
  • Heceta Head/Devil’s Elbow-Lighthouse, sightseeing, hiking (20)
  • Sandpines Golf Course- World class golf (31)
  • Honeyman State Park – Swimming, dunes, boating (35.5)

North of the Park

  • Crestview Golf Course- 9 hole golf course (2.5)
  • Alsea Bay/Alsea River – Crabbing, fishing, clamming, boating (3.0)
  • Seal Rock- Tidepools (7.7)
  • Brian Booth/Ona Beach State Park – Picnicking, hiking, kayaking (9.4)
  • Newport Aquarium (16.6)
  • Hatfield Marine Science Center – Kids, Educational (16.7)
  • Bay Street/Newport Marina- Sightseeing, wax museum, charter boats (17)
  • Yaquina Head lighthouse – Sightseeing (22)

Are there any good restaurants nearby?

Yes, there are a number of good restaurants in Yachats and Waldport and many more options and diversity of food offerings in Newport. Both TripAdvisor and Yelp do a good job highlighting the better food options in this area.


How long will it take me to get to Tiny Tranquility from Portland, Salem, Eugene or Corvallis?

In general, the travel times from these cities are as follows, subject to variability dependent on traffic:

Portland: 2:50

Salem: 2:00

Eugene: 2:00

Corvallis: 1:25


Do you allow pets at the park?

Yes. Most of the tiny homes and trailers available for nightly rental are pet friendly and people who rent individual sites can keep indoor dogs and cats (outdoor dogs will be considered on a case by case basis). We also have a 5500 square foot enclosed dog park. We strive to make our guest’s visit to Tiny Tranquility a memorable one and are proud of the fact that we welcome your dogs at most of our rentals with no additional pet fee.  In return, we ask that guests be mindful of the behavior of their dog during their visit and respectful of both our property and the quiet enjoyment of people living and visiting the park. To that end, we ask guests to follow these simple rules during their visit to Tiny Tranquility:  1.  If your dog has scratched or gnawed on furniture, floors or other surfaces in the past, we unfortunately cannot accommodate it.  2.  Please keep your dog on leash when it’s on the property, except for when you use our dog park.  3. Dogs should not be left unattended in the tiny home or vintage trailer if your dog is likely to bark.  4.  Please, no dogs in the lofted areas – it’s simply too difficult to clean these areas thoroughly as quickly as we need to in between reservations. 4.  Please try to keep your dogs off the cloth furniture and blankets – in some cases we have to wash our bedding 3x to get off fine dog hair.  5.  Please do not use our towels to clean your dog (we have dog blankets available for your use).  6) Sorry, no cats in the nightly rentals.

Can I tour the tiny homes and vintage trailers while I’m down at the coast this summer?

Yes, you can contact us at tinytranquilitypark@gmail.com to schedule a tour.  In order to respect the peace and privacy of our park users, unannounced drop in tours or drive throughs will generally not be available.

Site Rental

What are the features of the individual sites?

Tiny Tranquility provides standard water, power and sewer hookups and free wifi throughout the park. The park contains 43 total sites which are spread throughout approximately 6 acres of the developed park area (another 6.5 acres of the park is in a treed, undeveloped area). The sites range in size from approximately 2,400 – 4,000 Square feet and are heavily planted with native landscaping to help create more privacy between the sites. Each site will has parking for one car, but additional parking and storage is available in our large 12,000 sq. ft. greenhouse.


Can I rent a site on a long term basis?

Tiny Tranquility was developed to cater to people who would like to live in their tiny homes and vintage trailers on a longer term basis or who want to have a longer term landing spot for their trailer for periodic visits. We intentionally decided that we did not want a continuous stream of larger trailers and motorhomes entering and exiting the park for short term stays, as is typically the case at traditional RV parks. As a result, the minimum site rental is one month and the site rental fees will be significantly reduced for occupants who are prepared to make longer term commitments. That said, Tiny Tranquility is still considered a recreational vehicle park and therefore the sites are not available for purchase or for lease on a multi-year basis.


What are your rates for site rental?

Long term site rates for those prepared to make a 12 month commitment are now $650 – 700/month plus electricity.  In addition, space in our large greenhouse will be available for storage or to use as your own personal nursery space for an additional $60/month for approximately 80-100 sq. feet of space.


When can I reserve a site for my tiny home or vintage trailer?

Currently all of the sites at Tiny Tranquility or occupied or reserved and a waiting list has been started for people who would like to rent a site in the future.  In order to get on the waiting list, we ask that you complete an application and a background check, pre-qualifying you for rental of a site.  Once you’ve gone through that process you have the option of making a refundable deposit of one month’s site rent to get on our “priority” waiting list.  Given the status of the waiting list as of January, 2022, it is expected that it may take 2-3 years or longer to be offered a site after you get on the priority waiting list.  Please contact us at tinytranquilitypark@gmail.com if you are interested in reserving a site.  


Are there any requirements for the tiny homes at your park?

Tiny Tranquility is authorized to rent sites for traditional park models and tiny home trailers that qualify as recreational vehicles and are registered as such in Oregon or another state. Because of this requirement, Tiny Tranquility recommends that people who are considering the purchase of a tiny home trailer to place into the park should contact us in advance of the purchase to ensure that tiny home can be sited at the park. In general, if you purchase a tiny home from a builder that is certified by the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), the tiny home will meet this requirement.  Please email us at tinytranquilitypark@gmail.com for more information.


What qualifies as a “vintage” trailer?

At this time, Tiny Tranquility is not accepting any additional vintage trailers at the park.


Will you rent sites for newer travel trailers?

At this time, Tiny Tranquility is not accepting any additional travel trailers.


Do you accept schoolies, van conversions, container homes or motorized Rvs at the park?

At this time, Tiny Tranquility is not accepting any of these types of Rvs or alternative living quarters at the park.


Are there any length limitations for trailers at the park?

The park should be able to readily accommodate trailers up to 35’. Trailers longer than 35’ will be considered on a case by case basis.


Can I rent out my tiny home or vintage trailer when I’m not using it?

Yes, Tiny Tranquility offers our long term site renters/trailer owners the opportunity for Tiny Tranquility to manage the nightly rental of their trailers as part of the park’s vacation rental pool. All nightly/vacation rentals of this type will need to be managed by Tiny Tranquility and in turn we will ask for a 30% management fee. This management responsibility will include not only coordinating the cleaning and maintenance of the trailer but also marketing the trailer, utilizing our online reservation system for the bookings and handling all interface with the renters. Given our intention to aggressively market the vacation rental piece of the park, we expect that this could generate some significant income for our owners to offset (or even exceed) the site rental fees. In order to participate in this feature of the park, we simply ask that the trailer to be in excellent condition and meet certain rental requirements relative to its functionality (full bathroom, kitchenette, etc) and provide high quality bedding and furnishings before it can be added to the rental pool. These requirements are needed so that the park can maintain consistent (and high) standards for all rental units that we manage, whether they are owned by the park or independently.  At the current time, Tiny Tranquility is not able to add any more nightly rental units, but may consider doing so in the future.  


How can I check out the park if I’m interested in possibly renting a site?

Please contact us at tinytranquilitypark@gmail.com to schedule individual park tours.  You can also visit our Facebook site at Tiny Tranquility – Tiny House & Vintage Trailer Park – Home for more pictures and information about the park.  

Nightly Rental of Tiny Homes and Vintage Trailers

How many tiny homes and vintage trailers will you have for rent?

Tiny Tranquility currently has 7 tiny home trailers and 3 vintage travel trailers available for nightly rental.  You can check out pictures, pricing and availability of each nightly rental unit on the Tinytranquility.com website and make a reservation for your desired tiny home. 

When will the park be open for nightly rental of tiny homes and vintage trailers? How can I book them?

Nightly rentals of park-owned tiny homes and vintage trailers are now available by going to the “Tiny Homes and Vintages” tab on Tinytranquility.com.


What features and amenities should I expect to see in the tiny homes and vintage trailers?

Tiny Tranquility provides its nightly rental customers a unique blend of aesthetically beautiful tiny homes and vintage trailers which also provide all the functionality you’ll need to relax, cook, eat and sleep in your trailer. All of our tiny homes and trailers provide:

  • comfortable seating (chairs or couches) for just chilling out
  • a full kitchenette, with electric or propane burners, fridge and sink
  • a bar area for eating or working
  • one or more easily accessible sleeping areas with high quality bedding
  • a full bathroom with toilet and shower
  • A flat screen TV with complimentary Netflix and Amazon Prime (available in most of our tiny homes and vintage trailers)
  • free wifi

When combined with the host of park amenities available to you (as described above) and the surrounding “playground” along the Oregon coast, we truly believe that your stay with us will be a memorable experience.


What’s different about staying in a tiny home or vintage trailer relative to a traditional hotel?

While your tiny home or vintage trailer at Tiny Tranquility will certainly have some things in common with traditional hotel/motel properties, it is the blend of features and amenities both within our trailers and around the park which will differentiate the park experience from anything you can find at most traditional hotel/motel properties. Yes we will provide a comfortable bed and sitting area just like most hotels, but all of our trailers will also provide:

-a full kitchenette so that you can cook some of your own meals when you don’t feel like eating out

-an outdoor deck with seating and your own well landscaped site so that you can choose when to have some private time and when you want to engage with others in one of the park’s more communal gathering spots

-access to plenty of unique park amenities for you to explore and enjoy during your stay


Tiny homes vs vintage trailers

All of our tiny home and vintage trailers generally share the same features and amenities described above, but there are several important differences between our tiny home trailers and vintage trailers that may influence your decision on which trailer to rent. Although the “footprint” of these trailers is similar in size, our tiny homes have much higher ceilings, which tend to give users of the tiny homes the feeling that they are significantly larger. For this same reason, folks who are taller than 6’ 4” or so may want to opt for a tiny home since the ceiling height of some of our trailers is in this range and the shower areas in the tiny homes tend to be more accommodating to taller folks as well. While several of our tiny homes will have sleeping areas on the ground level, some of them may require that you climb a ladder or some steps, while our vintage trailers will all have easily accessible sleeping areas and no lofted areas. 


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